Replacement Retaining Rings for Filter Media | Wide

Replacement Retaining Rings (part # KER00020) for Filter Media slid over the backup tube of WIDE style Short & Long style 3A Sanitary Filters by Steel & O’Brien. Retaining Rings secure the filter media which filters fine particles from the process line.

  • In order for the Retaining Rings to hold, Filter Media is slightly longer than the overscreens
  • Filter Media must be periodically removed, disposed of, and replaced
  • Fits Backup tube with 1/4″ perforations and 9 holes per square inch (standard) – 1/8″ perforations available
  • Please note that Filter Media & Mesh must be ordered separately
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Data Sheet


Retaining Ring, Spare Part

Connection Size

2.5", 3.0"

Industries Served

Beverage, Dairy, Food, Home Care, Personal Care

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