8693 Digital Electropneumatic Process Controller (for integrated mounting on process control valves)

Contact-free position sensor, easy start-up (by Tune function for position and process controller), compact robust stainless Steel design, integrated control air routing with spring chamber aeration
PROFIBUS DP-V1, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP or büS (Bürkert System Bus). The compact process controller Type 8693 is optimized for integrated mounting on the pneumatic actuators in the process valve series Type 23xx/2103 and is specially designed for the requirements of a hygienic process environment. The actual value of the process factor is directly supplied to the device as 4-20 mA, PT100 or a frequency signal. The process controller calculates the setpoint for the subordinated positioner through the variance comparison. Due to the analogue feedback all analogue values on the controlling level can be transferred. With integrated diagnostic functions operation conditions of the control valve can be monitored. Through status signals, valve diagnostic messages are transmitted according to NAMUR NE107 and recorded as history entries. The parameterization of process controller and positioner can be carried out automatically. The easy handling and the selection of additional software functions are done either on a big graphic display with backlight and keypad or over COMMUNICATOR. The positioner registers the valve position without deterioration through a contact-free, analog position sensor. The control of single or double-acting actuators is done without internal air consumption. Communication interfaces such as PROFIBUS DP-V1, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, büS (based on CANopen) and analogue as well as binary feedback can also be chosen.

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Process Controller, Valve Top


Digital Electropneumatic Process Controller

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