IndiTop Indicator | 0.5m Cable with Plug | PNP | 8-30 VDC/AC (for visual indication of valve position/status & power-supply)

PNP Alfa Laval IndiTop with 0.5 m Cable with plug option M12 plug, incl. M12 socket part# 9613418104. Automated indication unit is straightforward and easy to use, providing accurate and reliable information about the status of most standard sanitary valves used in the dairy, food and beverage, and biopharm industries. Designed to be a simple and easy to use electrical feedback unit for Alfa Laval and Tri-Clover sanitary valves. Compatible with all major PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) digital input cards. 

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IndiTop consists of a valve indication housing, proven no-touch, set-and-forget sensor system with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and valve control sensor board for connection to the PLC (Programming Logic Controller) system.

  • Streamlined, low-maintenance design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Cost-effective control
  • Compatible with all major PLC system having a digital PNP interface
  • Straightforward installation; no special expertise, adapters or tools required
  • Fits onto all Alfa Laval sanitary actuators equipped with mushrooms

IndiTop is mounted while its target is threaded onto the valve actuator. The sensor system calculates the angle between the axial magnetic field produced by an indication pin mounted on the valve stem, providing indication with an accuracy of ± 1mm of the valve position at any time through the use of microchip sensors. IndiTop transmits status and condition to any PLC system using one of two DC/AC or PNP digital feedback signals. LEDs display the current main valve position and on/off power status at all times.

Data Sheet

Weight 4 lbs
Approx. Overall Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in

Indication Unit, Valve Top


Indicator for Real-Time Monitoring



Worst-case Scenario Lead Time

5-7 DAYS TO YOU LEAD TIME (SI) *Our inventory is constantly changing and growing – call for current availability!

Industries Served

Beverage, Biotechnology, Brewery, Dairy, Food, Home Care, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical

Max. Working Temperature

185°F (85°C)

Min. Working Temperature

-4°F (-20°C)

For use with/on

Compatible Actuators: SBV, Unique SSV (no long stroke), Unique SSV aseptic, Koltek, LKLA-T, ARC, SMP valves, SRC (no long stroke)

Stroke Length

0.0039-3.15" (0.1-80 mm)

Protection Class

IP66, IP67

Supply Voltage

8-30 VDC/VAC


Digital PNP/NPN

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