Plate Heat Exchanger Frame Port | Clip 8 | NBRFF | 3450526301

HART offers both OEM & non-OEM replacement plates and gaskets.  All Alfa Laval PHE Gaskets will have quantity price breaks.  Non-OEM gaskets will be sold at an every day, low price no matter what the quantity.

Alfa Laval Quantity Price Break Discounts (Quantity price break determined by the quantity of channel gaskets & end gaskets)

151 ….. -8%
201 ….. -11%
251 ….. -14%
301 ….. -17%
401….. -19%

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Clip plates take their name from their glueless clip-on gaskets, which can quickly and easily be removed with the plates still on the frame. Food-grade gaskets are available in
materials from NBR to EPDM, enabling a perfect match for the application temperature and characteristics.

Genuine gaskets and plates
Just as all plate heat exchangers are not created equal, neither are the replacement parts. Using lower cost, lower quality plates and gaskets can lead to decreased performance and increased costs.

Genuine rubber gaskets
Genuine rubber gaskets ensure tighter seals, longer lifetime and more uptime for gasketed plate heat exchangers. Alfa Laval gaskets may contain up to 30% more polymer than other gaskets, which contributes to optimal sealing.

Non-genuine gaskets may use the same nominal designations as genuine Alfa Laval gaskets, but their material properties differ.

Don’t be fooled by gaskets that are slightly thicker – thicker is not better. Incorrect thickness causes inaccurate tightening calculations, which may cause leakage and/or deformation and destruction of the complete plate pack. This has been experienced by customers who use non-OEM spare parts.

Check out Alfa Laval’s Case store on the effects and risks of using non-Alfa Laval plates by clicking here.

Data Sheet




Connection (Port / Frame)


Clip 8

Sealing Material

Buna, NBRFF (food grade), Nitrile (U) Buna N

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