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Donaldson’s GSL N Steam Elements – Upgrade to Stainless Steel

Culinary steam element upgrades for carbon tube installations.

As a leading global filtration supplier since 1915 and a provider of steam filtration solutions for many food and beverage production industry leaders, Donaldson is proud to now offer steam element upgrades for carbon tube installations.

By leveraging Donaldson’s stainless steel media GSL N technology, production facilities will be able to exceed the 3-A guideline for culinary steam while still meeting the filtration requirements specified by the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) for culinary steam.

  • List Price $791
    Sale Price $615

    Filter Size: 04/2.5

    Dimensions (Inches)
    Length 4 | Outer Dia. 2.5 | Inner Dia. 1.75

    Competitor Carbon Tube Housing Model Number
    1/2″ GP-22 & 3/4″ GP-31
    Competitor Carbon Tube Element Model Number

Donaldson Filtration – No Shed Steam Elements
  • GSL N elements pleated stainless steel media construction will not shed carbon particles into the process
  • More filtration surface with pleated media design

Offer valid until 12:00 AM on July 1, 2020